Get ready for one of the weirdest stories you're going to hear today.

Back in December, a Portland, Oregon man was trapped in the bathroom of a Burger King. He was stuck in there for over an hour and while employees tried to free him. The man even cut his hand on the fly swatter they game him. Yes, that was a real sentence. How a fly swatter had anything to do with the situation and how he cut his hand on it are beyond me.

After being freed from his bathroom prison, the man was given free meals for life by the manager. Honestly, that is a bad prize for just over an hour of your time. Unfortunately for the local manager, the man really took advantage of his new fortune. For the next two weeks, this guy stopped by for a meal once, if not twice per day, for two weeks solid.  Upon learning of the situation, the BK district manager canceled the man's prize.

As you would have expected, the man is now suing Burger King for $9,026. Just in case you are wondering, that would be the cost of one Whopper meal per week for the next 22 years. I'm sure this isn't the last we will see of this story.

Source: FBHW