Summer is upon us and your backyard won't be complete without these awesome chairs. 

If you are looking to spruce up the patio with a little Michigan pride, these chairs will do the trick. Creator Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodworks in Detroit has created the chairs that we need and the chairs that we deserve. Imagine kicking back while enjoying a backyard bar-b-que and realizing that your drink is empty. Instead of going through the trouble of getting your lazy ass up, walking to the coolers, and retrieving a well-deserved beer, you can now just pull the lever.

Don't worry, if a beer is not your thing, Thompson Woodworks has a wine version of this awesome Michigan chair. When I first saw these chairs, my mind was flooded with ideas. I can think of at least three yearly events that I attend where this would be perfect. On top of that, the number of friends that I have that would 100% get full use out of these is insane.

Well done Thompson Woodworks, well done!

Source: Thompson Woodworks via YouTube