Gretchen Molannen, 39-year old Florida resident, spent nearly 16 years suffering from a rare sexual disorder that eventually caused her to take her own life.

Molannen began suffering from what is known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) around the age of 23. The condition causes the subject to be physically aroused, with the only solution being hours of self-gratification.

Molannen had trouble finding work as a translator (her desired field of employment) due to the frequent masturbation she would have to engage in to keep her condition at bay. A week prior to her suicide, Gretchen told the Tampa Bay Times, "I used to love life. But this has destroyed it. This isn't living. What's the point? I think about suicide all the time."

Molannen was found dead from an apparent suicide in her Spring Hill, Florida home over the weekend, just one day after her story in the Tampa Bay Times was published. See the full story for more details on the story and the unusual disorder.

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