It was Hot Wings' turn in the hot seat again this morning. He took on Freddy for a jackpot worth $400. Find out here how Freddy did.

Cash money is always a great thing and the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has some for you every morning. The pot grew to $400 for today's round and Freddy was squaring off against Hot Wings. I always like to play along and can typically do pretty well. This morning was not the case as I only knew two answers and guessed completely wrong on the others.

Freddy had a rough time with the questions too. Even Free Beer chimed in and pretty much told him he had no chance at winning, even before Hot Wings was even able to answer. Check out the results below.

In case you are unfamiliar with the way the game is played, it is actually pretty simple. One caller takes on a member of the show, in this case, it was Hot Wings. They are each asked five questions and whoever gets the most correct wins. In the event of a tie, the time it took each player to answer determines who wins.