No matter how you look at it, Flint has some tough decisions to make. The city is severely in debt and it seems like nothing is safe from the chopping block. Check out the details on the newest plan to save the city money.

The city of Flint recently announced they would be laying off police, firemen, and raising taxes on city residents to help get the city out of it's financial troubles.  Now the Flint City School District has announced it will be laying off 237 teachers, helping avoid the predicted $20 million short fall in funding that the district will face next year.

The layoffs span all subjects and schools, and include 108 elementary school teachers and 129 from secondary schools.

This is coming off recent news that the district will be closing 2 middle schools and 2 elementary schools.  This means that high schools will have grades 7-12 and elementary schools will house K-6.

The layoffs were based on recent teacher evaluations, not seniority.  Some of the teachers let go may be called back after the final budget is passed, but given Flint School Districts budget issues, it's doubtful it will be a significant amount getting the call back.