The jackpot this morning was up to $500 as Gabe in Flint was in the hot seat against Hot Wings this morning. Find out here if he won or if the jackpot jumps to $600 tomorrow.

Hot Wings has been on a roll in trivia lately and $500 was on the line the morning. Gabe stepped up to the challenge to play against him in Dumber than Hot Wings Trivia.

On a side note, Gabe admitted to being an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, so I found it just a little bit difficult to root for him. Sorry Gabe.

The questions were:

  1. Who was the leader and the founder of the United Farm Workers of America Union?
  2. If someone bowls three straight strikes in bowling, what bird name is given to that feat?
  3. What is the term for cutting away unwanted plant parts or drying plums?
  4. Tchaikovsky called what composer "a musical Christ?"
  5. Name the three original judges on 'American Idol.'

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