Update: June 3, 2023 - Grand Blanc Tap opens on Monday, June 12th.

Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Grand Blanc, Michigan closed its doors in October of 2022.

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Fast forward to May 2023 - the former hot spot will be opening under a new name, Grand Blanc Tap.

A temporary sign with the new moniker has been placed outside of the building, located at 3015 East Grand Blanc Road. From what I have been told, the menu will feature (but not limited to) some of the following dishes,

    • Stromboli
    • Burgers
    • Pizza
    • Salmon
    • Shrimp

As far as the interior goes, I have been told major renovations are underway. Including new furniture, lighting, and more. When additional information (including a target opening date) is revealed, this post will be updated.

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