Is Flint, Michigan the worst city in the United States? That is a question that YouTuber Chris Harden brought to the table in one of his recent travel videos.

Harden did a series of videos that focus on the city of Flint. He's touched on a number of topics including Flint's Water Crisis, Flint's industrial Ruins, and others.

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In Harden's video below, he explains why Flint was the worst city in the United States from 2010-2020. If you remember, crime was at an all-time high during that time period. Flint had the highest murder rate in the country for three straight years. On every national list highlighting crime and murder in the country, Flint was always at the top.

The video also touches on the Flint Water Crisis, Flint's dangerous northside, the city's population decline, and the many reasons why Flint is in the shape that it's in.

Is Flint, Michigan the Worst City in America?

While Flint does have its problems (like most cities), it's not the worst city in the U.S. The answer to that questions can only be opinion based. There are so many people that grew up in Flint that will always be proud of their city.

I don't live in Flint but I've been part of the community for a very long time and will always be Flint-proud.

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The people of Flint have one thing in common...hope. Hope that the city will thrive as it did so many years ago.

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