Shout out to Toni Oliver and the Oliver Farms crew. The Lapeer County farmer recently donated dozens of bales of straw to Helping Orphaned Pets through Education (HOPE) in Flint. The straw is made available for people to pick up and use to insulate homes for pets that stay outside through the cold winter months. As you can imagine, it will not last long.

This donation has made a huge difference to the volunteer staff at HOPE. My hope is that people will just bring their pets inside, unfortunately that is not always the case. If you need more information on HOPE or to contact them, click here.

I have known Toni Oliver for years and I am here to tell you she has a huge heart and definitely makes the BEST cheese around. You cannot get any fresher, tastier organic cheese than from Oliver Farms - and they are local. For more on Oliver Farms, click here. Thanks again Toni and crew for all you do.

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