Everything and practically everyone has gone to the birds.  Turkey birds that is.  On Thanksgiving Day, most of us will chow down on turkey whether deep fried, baked, broiled, microwaved or roasted.  One Illinois man however got a jump start on his turkey preparations last weekend, not only did he deep fry his turkey, he deep fried his damn leg!

My Fox DC is reporting that 86 year old Serafino Alfe suffered third degree burns after spilling oil while deep frying a turkey.  I am guessing at the age of 86 you don't stop, drop and roll too fast.  Serafino tripped on a piece of cardboard and spilled the boiling grease on his leg.   However the old man seems to be a good sport.  In regards to his leg, he said quote:

"I haven't tasted it yet -- I'm not sure I want to."

I am sure his family is waiting to gobble it up, add gravy and good to go!  Happy Thanksgiving to you, and be careful around the fryer!  In case of fire, stop - drop and turkey roll!