For those without an internet connection, a non-profit organization is working to fix that.

A Michigan non-profit organization called the Merit Network is working to bring free public WiFi to several areas in Michigan, including Flint. Internet access has never been more important than right now. With many people working from home or kids doing their schooling from home, an internet connection is a necessity.

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Right now there is a serious lack of public WiFi in Flint leaving many residents without a way to work or do schooling. The Merit Network, which is based in Ann Arbor and owned by 12 of Michigan's 13 public universities has announced a plan to bring hot spots to communities in need.

This impacts the way people are working, going to school, participating democratically, how they’re just even to able have equity as far as a digital citizenship goes...In some cases what this allows users to do is go to the parking lot of the sites to be able to maybe apply for jobs, to turn in telework, to do a virtual doctor’s appointment, to turn in homework, things like that...said Pierrette Dagg of the Merit Network.

So far, it looks like Factory Two in Flint is a potential site with more possibly in the works. The Merit Network is also receiving help from Cisco and Toyota for the project. As of now, no timeline has been announced for when we can expect to see the project launched. To learn more, click here for details. 

Source: ABC12


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