This is why they say don't shoot the messenger. That messenger may have to deliver a lot of bad news, and once they take too many shots -- they're going to return fire. HARD.

Weatherman Garry Frank for Grand Rapids' Fox 17 is all of us right now. He's clearly more than a little agitated with this never-ending Michigan winter, but even more so with his co-workers and rightfully so. I wrote just the other day about how this winter has depleted almost every f*** I have left to give, but I can't imagine being in poor Garry's shoes.

Not only does Garry have to live through this awful weather, he's got to be the one to tell everyone, "I know it was 66º yesterday, but it's going to snow again this weekend and there's an ice storm coming too." A lot of people who watch the news tend to blame the weather guy, which is totally unfair but is kind of a well-known downside to that particular job. However, this winter has been such a trash ass dumpster fire that even Garry's co-workers are turning on him.

Garry rants to his co-anchors about how their daily lukewarm reaction to his weather reads have been bumming him out, and then asks "What do you want me to do, lie to you? I'll put 70 up there every day next time." After which, he gives the most unenthusiastic "F*** all of you" weather read I've ever seen and it's great.

"Here's some wind. Here's some temperatures, 20s. Feels like 19 or feels like... 70. I don't know. 47 partly cloudy. Southwest breeze 10-15. Here's a 60. I don't know if that's good enough for you guys. Get excited. Maybe I'll disappoint you with the 7-day here in a few minutes."

He ends his tirade by throwing up a gesture that I don't recognize. I like to imagine that the staff jokingly came up with it during after-work drinks as a way to flip each other the bird on the air and not get in trouble, but no one had done it before Garry and now he's an office legend.

The only way his rant could have been better is if he ended by saying, "F***ing fight me, bro" and then kicked a hole through the green screen. That would move him from "you're probably going to get fired" territory to "you're definitely going to get fired" though, and we don't want that.

Hang in there, Garry. You are my spirit animal.

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