Finally, we have some great weather in store for the Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League tonight.

If you are looking to enjoy some sunshine with a cold beer in your hand while making new friends, well, tonight is your night. The Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League will once again take over Swartz Creek Golf Course. Throughout the summer, Wednesday is my favorite of the week. Almost 150 Banana bad golfers come together to enjoy some brews.

You hear about it every week and tonight you can experience the Bad Golfers League for yourself. Make your way up to Deno's Shot of the Day Bar & Grill at Swartz Creek Golf Course for some dollar beers and jello shots tonight. The league starts at 3 which means there will be no shortage of like-minded people for you to hang out with and have a drink with. Just because you are not in the league doesn't mean you can't come to hang with us and party.

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For those in the league, here are the teams currently taking the top spots and coveted worst place spot.

  • 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: L&L
    • Second Place: We're Just Here to Drink
    • Third Place: Grand Blanc Lanes
    • Worst Place: Nana
  • Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Chicks with Sticks
    • Second Place: Couples Therapy
    • Third Place: El Conquistadors
    • Worst Place: Vicious C's
  • Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Chris Monroe Owes Us Money
    • Second Place: Beers & Bogeys
    • Third Place: Two Chicks
    • Worst Place: Ham Slice
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: You Wanna Have One
    • Second Place: Pass the Green
    • Third Place: J&J
    • Worst Place: That's Close Enough

We will see everyone tonight at Swartz Creek Golf Course!

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