With only three weeks left in the season, playoffs begin tonight for the Banana Bad Golfers.

The action will get heated tonight as we move into our first of two position rounds for the Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League. For the next two weeks, the league teams will be squaring off against each other to see who will win and lose in their division and the league as a whole.

As this is named the Banana 101.5 BAD Golfers League, last place is not a bad thing...it is a place of honor. The last-place team in this league gets the biggest trophy while first place gets the smallest. On top of that, we have awards for the highest handicap and other random as trophies for players to proudly display on the mantle.

As we head into our divisional position round, here are the standings of the league. Some of these are pretty close and I can wait to see who pulls off the win.

  • 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: Grand Blanc Lanes - 211.5 points
    • Second Place: We're Just Here to Drink - 211 points
    • Third Place: L&L - 209.5 points
    • Worst Place: Pars2Bars - 157 points
  • Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Chicks with Sticks - 206 points
    • Second Place: Couples Therapy - 205 points
    • Third Place: El Conquistadors - 204 points
    • Worst Place: Vicious C's - 134.5 points
  • Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Chris Monroe Owes Us Money - 232.5 points
    • Second Place: We Kilt the Birdie - 220 points
    • Third Place: Beers & Bogeys - 200.5 points
    • Worst Place: Twisted Sisters - 135 points
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Pass the Green - 217.5 points
    • Second Place: Miller Time - 212.5 points
    • Third Place: Miller Time - 212 points
    • Worst Place: That's Close Enough - 153 points

We will see you all tonight at Swartz Creek Golf Course!

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