It's Wednesday, which means the Banana Bad Golfers League takes over Swartz Creek Golf Course.

If you are looking for a nice patio with cold beer, well, we've got it for you tonight. The Banana Bad Golfers League returns to Swartz Creek Golf Course. Stop out and have some dollar beers with us and make some new friends.

Tonight is our final night of scheduled league play before we move on to position rounds. The smack talk is fierce and the alcohol tolerance is second to none. I love Wednesday nights and the Bad Golfers League.

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On the final night before we move into position rounds, here are the standings of the league.


  • 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: Grand Blanc Lanes (1/2 point lead)
    • Second Place: We're Just Here to Drink
    • Third Place: L&L
    • Worst Place: Nana
  • Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Chicks with Sticks
    • Second Place: B&D
    • Third Place: El Conquistadors
    • Worst Place: Vicious C's
  • Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Chris Monroe Owes Us Money
    • Second Place: We Kilt the Birdie
    • Third Place: Beers & Bogeys
    • Worst Place: Ham Slice
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Pass the Green
    • Second Place: You Wanna Have One
    • Third Place: Miller Time
    • Worst Place: That's Close Enough

With this being the Bad Golfers League, we also have trophies for the worst golfers. The coveted "Highest Handicap" trophies could end up in the hands of the following teams:

  • Clueless Chicks (24 Handi)
  • Vicious C's (22 Handi)
  • Par None (21 Handi)
  • Twisted Sisters, Kiss My Putt, and BunSlappers are not far behind either.

We will see you all tonight at Swartz Creek Golf Course.

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