About a week ago, details came out regarding the budget for the city of Flint, proposed by governor appointed emergency manager, Mike Brown.  It turns out the budget wasn't very popular, and people are letting their voice be heard about it.

I posted a story about a week ago, giving the basic details of the new budget for the city of Flint, proposed by emergency manager Mike Brown.  The plan called for higher taxes and less public safety workers, including lay offs of both cops and firefighters.  As you can assume, that news didn't go over very well with the people of Flint.


Earlier today, protesters took the lawn of Flint City Hall and expressed their distaste of the budget.  Carrying signs and protest chants, there were about 25 Flint citizens on the lawn, all of which wanted to see Brown go.  Chants included,

Take your budget and shove it!

Don't layoff police, layoff Mike Brown!

I understand that people are upset about the tax increase, but everything costs money and the money has to come from somewhere.  Along with tax increases the budget calls for 150 government employees to lose their jobs, including almost 20 police officers and over 30 firefighters.  It's those jobs that have me most concerned, as Flint is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the US.

Flint resident and protester, Ralph Arellano seems to agree with my feelings regarding taxing and public safety.  Arellano said of the budget,

It's all about public safety. There's not one person who lives in Flint who doesn't have some story about public safety. The decisions they're making are short-term and they're short-sighted.


Mike Brown will have a public forum later this evening where concerned citizens will have 3 minutes to express their issues with Brown.





Source: MLive.com