Bubble Ball Tournament
Coming up on Saturday, April 1st, 2017, Banana 101.5 is bringing you another crazy tournament to compete in. Gather four of your friends and come compete in the Bubble Ball Soccer Tournament.
Soccer Fan Kicks Player In Spine During Interview [VIDEO]
Soccer really does have the craziest fans. Watch as this player is being interviewed after a game when the crazy fan attacks. The player is focused on the question when the lunatic comes up from behind and plants his foot right in his spine. The player almost folds in half and goes down hard.
Brazilian Soccer Fan Destroys TV During Celebration [VIDEO]
I know that the World Cup is a huge deal to many people around the world. I've watch quite a few games myself this year. I find it enjoyable to watch and have a beer with friends while watching. These guys though, take it just a bit to serious. It looked almost like he was actually trying to hi…

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