I love watching sports, because you can feel the glory of winning, with no effort what so ever.  Check out what's happening in the world of men getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.

MLB: Chill Out, The Tigers Are Fine

I know everybody is pretty much jumping off the bandwagon, but keep the faith Tigers fan.  For the most part, The Tigers competed with MLB's best team, The Texas Rangers.  I know the foul ball/bunt fiasco in extra innings on Sunday night had Jim Leyland fired up, but blown calls are a part of the game.  What I liked most this weekend about the Tigers is the way they bounced back in the double header.  After taking a 10-4 ass whipping in the afternoon, JV helped his team rebound back, and avoid getting swept by the Rangers.  The Tigers will probably see Texas in the second season, and hopefully Detroit will be a better, smarter team by then.


Also worth noting was the Perfect Game thrown by Chicago White Sox pitcher, Phil Humber.  27 up, 27 down is no small feat for a pitcher, and while it happened 2 years ago, it's always worth throwing tribute to.  It seems like pitchers have taken over the league, as batting averages across MLB are down.



Fenway Park in Boston turned 100 this past week as well, and while I hate all things Boston sports, it is cool to think that Civil War vets played baseball in a stadium that is still standing today.  Almost every team in MLB is playing somewhere under 25 years old.  I'm glad the Red Sox got rocked by the Yankees the day of the celebration, but you still gotta respect the history.



NHL: Playoff Upsets


I can't say I'm shocked that The Red Wings got bounced in the first round, but I am kinda bummed.  One of the best parts of being a Red Wings fan is the fact that hope always seems to be alive.  The hope was extinguished early this year, as the Nashville Predators out muscled, out hustled, and out played the Wings.  Still 21 years in a row for playoff appearances with 4 championships is nothing to be ashamed of.  Be proud of your team Wings fan.


There were a few upsets on the ice, as the #1 seed Vancouver Canucks got humilated by the #8 LA Kings.  The Pittsburgh Penguins also got sent home early by their cross state rivals in the Philadelphia Flyers.  Defending champions, the Boston Bruins face elimination, and all eyes will be on Davison native and Bruins Goaltender, Tim Thomas, as Boston faces the Washington Capitals on Wednesday.


NFL:  Lions Schedule

The NFL officially released the schedules for the 2012/2013 season, and the Lions are finally stepping into the spot light.  Detroit will have 5 nationally televised games, including 2 Sunday night games, a Saturday, a Monday Night Football apperance, and of course, the Thanksgiving day bowl.  You can check out the schedule here, and realistically, I think the Lions are going to win 10 games.  The schedule gets tougher as the season wears on, and that's not a great thing for Detroit.   Let's just hope they use this offseason to beef up the O-Line and get somebody that can make a play in the defensive secondary.


NBA: Pistons Can't Even Suck Right

I wish I could figure out what the hell the Pistons front office is trying to do.  By winning all of these crap games at the end of the year, the Pistons are just taking balls out of the hopper when it comes to the NBA draft.  I'm not saying that the team should be trying to lose games, but having a bench full of old journey men does nothing in helping Detroit to getting closer to an NBA Championship.  If it was Monroe and Knight winning the games for the team, I would be okay with it, but having Tayshaun, Big Ben, and Charlie Villenueva on the court makes no sense.  The young guys aren't getting any experience, the team isn't anywhere close to being in the playoffs, and the hopes of pulling in a superstar from the draft dwindle.  The Pistons need to figure out who they are and maybe then, people will start paying attention again.


UFC: Jon "Bones" Jones Establishes Himself As One Of MMA's Best

This weekend, Light-Heavyweight champion, Jon "Bones" Jones, soundly defeated Rashad Evans at UFC 145.  Jones is a freak in the ring, and watching him fight makes you almost feel like you're playing a video game.  The guy is so impressive in the ring, from his elbows and spin kicks, to his huge frame, to the intensity you can see in his eyes when he fights.  Jones had his way with MSU alum, Rashad Evans, and has set himself as the best fighter in UFC.