Everybody knows that crime is out of control in Flint, today you can do something about it by voting to re-open the city jail. This seems like a no-brainer with murder rates soaring but some people will tell you this is a bad idea...I am not one of those people.

A few months ago I watched as one of the local news teams did a ride-along with Flint police. During their coverage I was shocked to learn that the county jail is so overcrowded they are unable to arrest people committing misdemeanors. These offenders are given a ticket to appear in court and sent on their way for crimes like prostitution and breaking and entering. I can't even imagine police catching a couple of  burglars, writing them a ticket, and saying "We'll see you in court. Please don't do this again or leave the state...now you crazy kids have a good night."...but it's happening. It's not a huge jump in logic to assume that some of these criminals are also involved in felonious activities like murder that could be prevented if we could get them off of our streets. This is where you come in.

The jail closed back in 2008 and I think we all know how things have been going here in Flint the past couple of years. I'm not saying this is gonna fix all of the city's problems, but it's a start. It gives the police an extra tool to fight crime; the ability to get about 60 more criminals a night off of our streets. The proposed millage will only cost the average Flint citizen $40 a year. I think that's a pretty good price, even if it keeps just one person from getting murdered.

If you are a resident of the City of Flint you can vote TODAY  to re-open the city jail. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and this is mine. Even if you disagree you should still voice your opinion by voting, it's not like a Presidential election were there are huge margins of victory. Most times smaller ones like this come down to a hundred or so votes.

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