Michigan bars and restaurants have been getting hit pretty hard by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission since back in September, 34 locations across the state to be exact.

Yesterday, three more liquor license suspensions were announced which includes businesses in Flint, Detroit and Battle Creek.

According to MLive, the three locations that got busted were Down The Tracks in Flint, Minnie's Rhythm Cafe in Detroit, and Lakeview Lounge in Battle Creek.

Apparently, an investigator from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission stopped into Down The Tracks in Flint on January 7th and found 12 people sitting at the bar eating and drinking while not wearing masks. Then again, it's pretty hard to eat and drink with a mask on, so there's that.

The investigator was served a drink after ordering an alcoholic beverage.

Obviously, restaurants right now are not allowed to serve food or alcohol to be consumed inside the establishment.

It sucks that these rules and regulations are in place but that's simply our reality right now.

It looks like we'll have to wait until February 1st to sit down and enjoy dinner and drinks at a restaurant in Michigan. Earlier today, Gov. Whitmer said that as long as our numbers continue to head in the right direction, we'll get to resume indoor dining with strong restrictions in place including a curfew.

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