Get this mother effing snake, out of my mother effing mouth!

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'Snakes On A Plane' has nothing on this real life snake scare.Video of a snake being pulled from a woman's throat in Russia has gone viral. Heads up, this video is not for the queasy.

According to the Daily Mail, the unidentified woman fell asleep in her yard. Once she was awake, she reportedly did not feel well. There is good reason for that - a 4 foot snake crawled and or slithered down her throat. Can you even imagine? Ugh.

It turns out this is not an uncommon occurrence in this part of Russia. I don't know about you, but I would be packing up and heading out of town fast. I have heard that the average person swallows eight or more spiders in their lifetime while sleeping. I believe it, actually I think it may be even more. I am not planning on moving over that, but I really do try to sleep with my mouth shut.

Once you watch the video, it is hard to believe she did not feel this snake slithering down her throat. Maybe she was half sleeping half passed out? I know I have had some benders and slept pretty hard afterward - but I would like to think a snake climbing down my throat would wake me. Who knows?

I asked Chris Monroe what strange thing(s) he has swallowed, his response - 'no comment'. I can only imagine. Stay safe out there Flint, and remember not to swallow.

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