Hour 1
We started the morning talking about how it appears as though privatized space travel is really taking off. There are a bunch of different private organizations that will soon be offering trips to space for private citizens for a ridiculous amount of money. We talked about a guy this morning whose dog just died and he was unable to bury it. Instead, he dragged the huge dog on top of a wood pile and tried to burn it. It didn’t work out and he burned his house down. Bummer.

Hour 2
It’s insanely hot this week pretty much everywhere in the country. Steve told us that the temperature INSIDE of his house yesterday hit 86 degrees! Producer Joe told us this morning about how he and Steve had to sprint through the airport last week to make their last connection flight home. He then completely broke social etiquette by blatantly spitting on the floor when there was a trash can just steps away. Zane took a walk down memory lane this morning and told us about how he was canned from his radio job in Knoxville. The first thing he did after getting fired was walked to a car dealership and bought a used van. What the hell?

Hour 3
Check out the Cool Links section of the website to see the story that we talked about this morning of the woman that grew a nipple on the bottom of her foot. It’s pretty creepy and almost made Joe barf. We played another round of the wildly popular game Hot Wings vs. Joe vs. Zane vs. Steve this morning. The topic this time around was TV or movies with people’s names in the title. Another broadcaster has quit while live on the air and we played the audio of it this morning. This time, it was a play-by-play guy for a minor league baseball team. Hearing this reminded us of some of the classic on-air quits of all time, including Inetta the Mood Setta.

Hour 4
In today’s FBHW Report, we talked about Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s balls references, as well as played the audio of the President’s joke bomb. To close out the hour, we asked people to call in and fill in the blank: I seem ______ but I’m really not.

Hour 5
During the I seem ______ but I’m really not call segment, Hot Wings tried feebly to make a joke and it bombed pretty badly. Of course, we were forced to replay it in the next break and pull out some of his hilarious jokes from the past. We ended the show by playing a montage of some of the best moments of play-by-play from Joe when he was running with the bulls last week in Spain. Talk to you tomorrow!