Hour 1
We started the show with Purple Heart Matt being off to a rough start again. He just can not seem to master the simple tasks. Zane pointed out something pretty simple that Matt needed a hand with. A ridiculously expensive yacht has been built recently. You won’t believe the stuff this thing has on it. We talked about how we would pay for it and how we would use it.

Hour 2
Zane has Tour de France depression since it recently ended. He decided to share a bunch of stuff that no one cared about for way too long. We all decided the only good part of the Tour was the awesome crashes and when fans get punched when they get too close. Zane also met show builder friend Jeremy’s parents. It took a turn pretty quick that only Zane could manage. We also talked about Zane’s wife and her friend looking for a lady for Jeremy. Mrs. Ten had a bit of a math stumble in doing so. Free Beer is bad at being a home owner, he shared a story of what happened over the weekend that again backed this us.

Hour 3
We played the audio of Free Beer’s eye doctor again from last week incase you missed it. There was another awesome NASCAR prayer in Nashville over the weekend. It was from the same guy that did the one we played earlier this year. Check it out in the Video Reel. The least surprising celebrity death took place over the weekend. Every time we talked about her before it ended with she will be dead in months and it did come true. We can’t say we were shocked by her dying at all. Find out who it was in Cool Links.

Hour 4
Two 14 year old boys in New Jersey did something that will change their lives pretty significantly. They will have to spend the rest of their lives as registered sex offenders. Find out what they did in the Cool Links section. We talked about the crazy terrorist attacks in Norway from the weekend. We all couldn’t believe what happened or how someone could do such a thing. We also noticed how similar to Oklahoma City this was. Zane pulled us back into more Tour de France talk and it was again boring. We talked about the latest MLB Hall of Fame inductees and how we hate Chris Berman.

Hour 5
There was a big incident at the golf scramble, Zane made someone pretty upset and was very outmatched. He luckily was able to defuse the situation before it escalated even more. We talked to one of the guys who was golfing with the alienated fan. We played the NASCAR prayer again and talked to the pastor who gave it. Even after he tried to explain his position Zane refused to think comedy and Jesus should go together. We finished the show talking about a woman who managed to keep getting paid after being suspended from her job. She collected pay for 12 Years! See you on Tuesday.