Hour 1

We started the morning with our microphones sounding a bit off for the second day in a row. Nothing will be done about that. We’re broadcasting the show live from Traverse City, Michigan this weekend with Real Rock 105.1/95.5. We talked about whether or not afternoon guy Smitty would bring up more random conversation during the broadcast, like he did when we called in to his show a few weeks ago to promote the broadcast. We checked out a list of six household remedies from Real Simple magazine. We had gone over a few of these before and tried to guess whether or not they were real or not.

Hour 2

Casey Anthony was found not guilty yesterday and everyone was pretty shocked when the verdict came down. We took a few calls from listeners to get their opinion on the outcome. According to an article that Free Beer read yesterday, we’re most likely going to repeat all of the mistakes that got us in to the crappy economic situation we’ve been in since 2008. We’re doomed! While on vacation, Free Beer and his wife went to Chicago and visited Wrigley Field and Second City. While outside of a restaurant, they witnessed a woman’s car being towed and everyone took great pleasure in it.

Hour 3

Producer Joe found a link yesterday (that he thought was super-hot) of 8 weirdly sexual products you won’t believe are for kids. During this segment, there were many things that were said that everyone regretted, including an incredible pedo-moment by Hot Wings. We took most of the following segment to review these and mock accordingly. We played the audio of a city employee who called 911 to bitch about traffic after a fireworks celebration the 4th of July. He was well aware that he was being recorded and refused to apologize for flipping out on everyone.

Hour 4

Mrs. Ten joined us by phone today to discuss a few matters of debate with her and Mr. Ten. They both had strong opinions of what the other did and would not change their stance. In the FBHW Report, the Casey Anthony trial ended yesterday and we talked about the massive media coverage and how it is getting repetitive now. We took a few calls to get your thoughts on the verdict as well. Zane was spotted yesterday in an unfortunate manner while out running. He made quite an impact on one listener for a very specific reason. There was an article that Free Beer read that had sure fire ways to get your woman in the mood. We broke down these great tips and discussed how effective they would be.

Hour 5

A listener in Nashville sent us some great parody songs that were sure to make any part of our show even funnier. We shared them on air and hilarity soon followed of course. Someone had a parenting question for Zane concerning the right age for his daughter to start dating, The Zaner gave some sound advice. Free Beer took a trip down memory lane with us today. He shared a few stories of his farmer strong friends when growing up. We were all stunned at one accomplishment his friend achieved while getting stronger. We finished the show with our new favorite game of all time, Who, What, Where. Be sure to listen tomorrow for your chance to win $3,200 in Dumber Than Zane Trivia brought to you by our friends at Cat Footwear.