Hour 1
Joe and Steve are finally back after their week-long trip to Pamplona, Spain to run with the bulls! Early on the show this morning, we talked about some of the trouble that the interns and former interns had while filling in last week. It must have been a slow news weekend because all we heard about on the news the last few days was the NewsCorp scandal and Carmageddon in Los Angeles; two things that don’t affect most people at all. Free Beer found an article that talked about what your finger nails say about your health. So for the next 10 minutes, we all stared at our finger nails and worried about when we were going to die.

Hour 2
Zane saw the final Harry Potter movie with his kids last night. There was some confusion on his part and he didn’t understand the ending of the movie at all. We had some Potter-heads call in and explain what actually happened. The U.S. women’s soccer team lost the World Cup to Japan yesterday. We commented about how everyone was really into the game, yet if they were televising another game today, no one would watch it. We checked out the video of the stage collapsing on Cheap Trick at the Ottawa Bluesfest. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see it in the Video Reel. Zane told us this morning that he was, once again, nearly killed on his bike. He had the crap scared out of him when a tractor trailer passed him. This conversation somehow turned to talk about whether or not visors on bike helmets were cool or not.

Hour 3
Someone emailed in a suggestion for the next trip Producer Joe should go on. He suggested that Joe participate in a media week with the Marines in which he goes through a week of boot camp. We took some calls from Marines and other listeners to get their opinion. We talked about a perfect example of a jerk cop on the show this morning. A guy was pulled over for speeding while trying to get his wife to the hospital to deliver their child. Instead of realizing the situation, the cop wrote them a $1,000 ticket and held them up for 15 minutes. He then radioed ahead to another cop, who pulled them over once again and gave them ANOTHER $1,000 ticket! We asked for cops to call in and defend that action. Zane has once again been outnumbered in his house. One of his son’s friends pulled up to their house with the music and bass blaring in his car and Zane wanted him to turn it down. Diana, Zane’s wife, took the side of the teen and called Zane a “stick in the mud”.

Hour 4
Joe and Steve finally got back this weekend from running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. We recapped their trip a bit and played some of the audio from the week’s events. Even though it was terrifying, they both said that they would do it again. We checked out the ultimate bucket list for men from Guyism.com. We took listener calls to find out what was on everyone’s bucket list, and also listed some of our own.

Hour 5
In today’s FBHW Report, we talked about Casey Anthony being released from prison and played some of the news coverage of it. Purphe Heart Matt was in studio this morning in need of some advice. A guy that he is in school with is making him feel very uncomfortable with comments he makes to Matt. The guy is openly gay and wants to do him and Matt isn’t sure how to proceed. We closed the show by talking to Joe and Steve about their trip to Pamplona to run with the bulls. If you missed any of the videos, be sure to check them out now in the Slideshow. Talk to you tomorrow!