Hour 1
Free Beer is going to meet Eli Gold during his college football duty.  We are all hoping for awkward if Eli remembers the Kurt Busch internview.  An old women decided to give the TSA a taste of their own medicine during her pat down.  This of course did not go as well as she had hoped.  You won’t believe what his lady looks like, check her out in the Cool Links section.  There is a video of a crazy fight in Vegas, we don’t know any of the circumstance behind the fight but it’s still crazy.  You need to see this video in the Video reel but you better hurry as we don’t think it will last long on youtube.

Hour 2
Rupert Murdoch has had a bad few days. While in London testifying at parliament he was hit in the face with a pie.  We talked about the NFL lockout and the problems some players and teams are dealing with.  Facebook saved a life! A mother noticed her child’s medical issue and posted a picture of it on Facebook. It turned out the kid had a crazy illness that a friend pointed out and was able to save the kids life. We talked about some of the marketing ploys that we know are BS but still work on us.  We realized American consumers may be a little bit simple when purchasing things.

Hour 3
Can you out Elin Elin Nordegren? She has done something so crazy we couldn’t believe she was able to pull it off.  We took some calls to see if anyone has been in a similar situation following a break up. How does a photo op turn into jail time? A couple of drunk idiots were taking pictures of themselves in an unattended cop car and got locked in. A friend had to call the cops who let them out then arrested them. A fair in Kentucky has a Casey Anthony dunk tank with guilty and not guilty on each side of the target. The fair of course took some heat on it for obvious reasons. Maybe some of our Lexington listeners can go check it out for us.

Hour 4
There was an update on the Prussian Blue Nazi twins. You won’t believe this story and the way it ends. They have reformed and have some crazy reasons as to why. You can see all the details in the Cool Links section. Linda Hamilton really wants to go to the Marine Corps Ball. She put out a video to the Marine who was turned down by Betty White practically begging him to take her. See this terrible video in the video reel. None of us think this guy should take her and that he would be an out cast with his fellow Marines if he did. Summer’s Eve has a new commercial out. It features a talking hand that is meant to look like a certain body part. You can see it in the Cool Links section and see if you think it looks like what they are claiming.

Hour 5
Have you ever seen your coworkers junk? We read a survey that had a list of crazy things that happen at work. We took some calls about who has seen their coworkers stuff and other craziness that has gone down at work. We also had a list of the greatest comedies of all time. This of course lead to some debate and calls of what you think should be on the list and why. We finished the show talking about the comedies and your calls. Be sure to listen tomorrow when we play dumber than Zane trivia for your chance to win 4,000 dollars from our friends at cat footware.