Hour 1
The show was live in Traverse City today! We started the show with the two part interview with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue this morning. This was definitely a can’t miss interview. We also played a segment on how you have been punished by your significant other while we waited for the guys to join us live from Traverse City!

Hour 2
We are live from Traverse City, Michigan! There is an update from Pamplona and the Running of the Bulls. This update did not sit well with Joe and Steve and even more possible injuries came up. The final Harry Potter movie is out today and they are making the media rounds. One stop was with Larry King which led us to play some of his best interviews and the infamous, “what did you do with the food” line. We also talked about the shooting last night in Grand Rapids and took some calls on it.

Hour 3
Joe and Steve’s moms joined us on the phone to talk about their sons upcoming adventure. They of course are less than thrilled. A study was recently done about shoplifting. Its results may surprise you. We took some calls to hear how you steal stuff and why it’s ok with you. Zane’s son Jim is getting his first job since he is a licensed driver now. Yesterday a fan at a Texas Rangers game reached over the rail to catch a ball tossed into the stands. He ended up slipping over the rail and falling to his death. The video is in the video reel. Don’t worry it’s graphic.

Hour 4
Mrs. Ten called in this morning to talk to us about more ways she makes Jim awkward. As always some discussion on her driving abilities came up and examples were given for both sides. We talked about the Cherry Festival parade and last years frisbee mishaps at the parade. In the FBHW report President Obama had a very President bush moment, Check it out in the video reel. Also Casey Anthony was sentenced yesterday, we played some reactions to it and audio from the slow talking judge from the case.

Hour 5
We played a round of our favorite new game, Who, What, Where live from Traverse City and some listeners there got in on the fun. Producer Joe was out in Traverse City doing a spin on a favorite stunt, Producer Joe’s Cherry Fest Jerk. He mostly just mocked everyone for no reason at all. We talked about a crazy family fight that happened recently and took calls on the always great topic of have you fought your family? We ended the show talking about Joe and Steve’s big up coming adventure to Spain to run with the bulls in Pamplona next week. Have a good weekend, we’ll talk to you on Monday.

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