Hour 1

We started the morning by talking about the trailer for the new Planet of the Apes movie. The CG looks kinda crappy, considering the time we live in, but at least half of us still want to see the movie anyway. We checked out the news story of a 13 year old kid that was playing ninjas with his friends. He somehow slipped and fell and got a bamboo stick through the neck! There were photos and video of the kid with the bamboo through his neck in the news story! You can see that in the Video Reel.

Hour 2

Producer Joe made Hot Wings and Zane watch a disgusting video in the office yesterday. Steve managed to escape the viewing, but we decided this morning that we will make him watch it and video his response for the website. An NFL punter took to Twitter and called Drew Brees and Payton Manning douchebags for holding up talks with the NFL lockout. Everyone seemed to agree that punters really don’t count as football players and should probably keep their opinions to themselves unless spoken to. We watched the news story about a kid that thinks he killed a chupacabra. We checked out the video that included pictures of the supposed chupacabra, but it looked more like a hairless dog to us.

Hour 3

There’s a news story that’s getting a good amount of coverage lately of a father that is fighting to save his home from foreclosure for his soldier son’s homecoming. We checked out the news story this morning and discussed whether or not a special exception should be made just because his son is a soldier. After thumbing himself in the eye while playing basketball the other night, Free Beer went to the eye doctor yesterday to see if he did any permanent damage. He had another incident while there. Dr. Keith the optometrist called in to let us know what happened. Purple Heart Matt is having some problems with his downstairs neighbor at his apartment. The bible thumper woman said that he and his wife were too loud and cited VERY SPECIFIC examples. This didn’t go over well with Mrs. Purple Heart Matt.

Hour 4

We watched some video from the show “Dance Moms” this morning where the dance coach was trying to justify why the 9 year old girls needed to dance in a sexy way. All of the parents were pissed, yet none of them would just step up and pull their kids off the team. We took some listener calls to get their opinion. In today’s FBHW Report, we talked about a possible end to the NFL lockout and a professional wrestler that was notorious for “checking the oil” of other wrestlers. We closed the hour with a round of Name That Blank.

Hour 5

We played the audio of 16 year old Courney Stodden and her creepy 51 year old husband giving what could be the weirdest interview ever. She couldn’t seem more like a little kid with the way she talks and we’re all convinced that it is in some way a scam. If you missed it, you can see it in the Cool Links section of the website. Intern Flap managed to screw up the easiest of tasks yesterday: ordering breakfast. He was supposed to make the breakfast order on Thursday FOR Friday morning. He placed the order on Thursday, but did not specify that it was going to be picked up on Friday. We ended the show by playing the audio that we recorded off-air of Steve and the interns watching the terrible video that Joe made Hot Wings and Zane watch yesterday. Have a good weekend. Talk to you on Monday!