Hour 1
We’ll be doing the show live from Traverse City tomorrow, so we’ll be hitting the road after the show today. Hot Wings has been debating bringing the whole family along with him and is worried that he will get zero sleep tonight. Zane, of course, is 100% encouraging him to bring the whole gang along. Station Mayor Heinz’ email account must have been hacked. We’ve gotten about 1000 spam emails from him over the last couple of days. A Taco Bell was shut down and the hazmat team was called in because of a strange smell coming from a drink. Even after being closed for a few hours for hazmat inspection, there was still a line out the door and around the corner. That seemed like an indication that people may like fast food a bit too much.

Hour 2
We’re doing the show live from Traverse City tomorrow morning, then Joe and Steve are headed to Spain to run with the bulls on Saturday morning. The closer we get to them running, the more nervous it seems they are getting. They’ve been watching more and more videos online of people getting gored. A guy that sounds like Homer Simpson recorded an explosion of a bucket truck in Boston. Some guys were working on power lines and some hydraulic fluid somehow caused an explosion which caused a bunch of other cars to catch on fire. Check that out in the Video Reel. We came back from commercials and took the opportunity to beat up intern Flap for a major phone fail. Instead of putting a call through from a guy who ran with the bulls and was trampled, he hung up on the guy. Idiot. Redbook came out with a list of the clothing that mean like to see women wearing. We wanted the other perspective, so we got a bunch of women on the phone to tell us what they liked to see men wearing.

Hour 3
This morning on the show, we talked to Nikki Sixx about a variety of the topics including his tours with Motley Crue and Sixx AM, his radio show, books, family life and a whole bunch of other stuff. If you missed it, you can hear it on the Interviews page. We went over a survey of married men vs. married women. It talked about the desire and frequency for sex. We took a bunch of calls from listeners with their opinion on the topic. The big news recently has been the talk that terrorists are supposedly implanting bombs inside of people. They are being referred to as “belly bombs”.

Hour 4
In today’s FBHW Report, we talked mostly about the jurors from the Casey Anthony trial and how they are speaking out. It seems like some of them truly do believe that she killed her child, but are extremely frustrated that the prosecution failed to prove it. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $3,200 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5
NFL player Roy Williams is taking his ex-girlfriend to court because he wants the engagement ring back that he gave her. She turned down his proposal but kept the ring after he proposed to her through the mail. We talked this morning about how that was a terrible proposal. We closed the show by getting Joe and Steve’s moms on the phone to talk about their upcoming trip to Spain to run with the bulls. They’re both pretty nervous and wish that their precious baby boys were not taking part. Talk to you on Friday morning when we’re live from Traverse City, Michigan with our affiliate Real Rock 105.1/95.5!