Hour 1
Zane spent most of the day yesterday waging war on listeners who were emailing in to the show. There’s still a misconception that he’s staring at the webcam, when he is really just watching the TV that the webcam is mounted to. We went over a list of the top earning American Idol alumni from the past year. We struggled to even remember who most of these people were while discussing it.

Hour 2
Early on the show, we checked out a list of the most popular websites from 1996 as opposed to the present day. AOL basically had a stronghold on the internet back in the early days. During the CWTTAB segment, we also talked about the NFL lockout coming to an end and the NBA lockout. A man somehow managed to get himself stuck in a storm drain up to his waist, head first. He claimed he was attacked by gang members and they threw his phone down there and he was simply trying to get it back. Check the Video Reel for the strange story.

Hour 3
Jay Cutler and his fiance Kristin Cavallari had a strange break-up that we talked about on the show this morning. According to some reports, they broke up because Cutler and his family wouldn’t stop making fun of Cavallari’s father’s height. We asked for people to call in with their strange break-up reasons. Free Beer had a bit of a rough morning. He had numerous word scrambles and screw-ups in the first half of the show. During the break, we decided to put together all of the best moments in a “Free Beer sleepy morning montage”. Yesterday, Zane mentioned how he was disappointed that the Tour de France was over. For some reason, this struck a nerve with bike snobs and they emailed in droves to critique Zane’s very simple comment about the dumb bike race. We asked for Glenn Beck fans to call in and defend his most recent hypocrisy. He compared sending kids to politically-themed camps to the Hitler youth, yet an organization he’s a part of sponsors these types of camps for kids.

Hour 4
We played the audio of an eyewitness to the bombing in Oslo from last weekend. For some reason while being questioned by a news anchor, he took the time to describe in detail his workout routine that was going on when the explosion took place. You can see that in the Video Reel. During one break, we talked solely about the debt ceiling, which has been in the news a good amount lately. After about 10 minutes of sitting in silence, Zane chimed in to add that he had absolutely nothing to add. What’s the worst thing your boss has ever made you do? We asked listeners to call in with their stories based on some talk about a movie that Free Beer saw this weekend. Of course, Producer Joe contributed his now-infamous poo-poo Picasso story from the movie theater he used to work for.

Hour 5
Free Beer will once again be doing play-by-play for a bunch of college football games this season. He had a conference call about it yesterday and he’s already getting really excited. His first game is Labor Day weekend. Free Beer told us that during What Hot Wings Thinks yesterday, something that Hot Wings mentioned made him go back in his memory and think about the first time he ever remembers passing out. It was a strange revelation from third grade that had to do with plastic knives, lunch boxes and Star Wars. We closed the show by going over a list of signs that you’re getting old and taking listener additions to the list. Talk to you on Wednesday.