Hour 1

Zane was watching TV last night told us how annoying hockey analyst Barry Melrose was. He was describing everything by using the term “gate” after it, such as “goalie-gate and Luongo-gate. His mullet and goatee were then discussed at length. A Peoria minor league baseball team has decided to stick it to Lebron James, just like everyone else. As one of their game promotions, they handed out replica Lebron James championship rings!


Hour 2

Nate, one of our new interns, brought in his old play-by-play tape from high school. On the tape, he’s doing play-by-play of various sports with one of our other new interns, TJ. We’ll be reviewing that and playing some highlights later in the week. We somehow got on the topic of being buried vs. being cremated. Zane told us that he is 100% all about being buried because its tradition. Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed are making the rounds on all of the daytime talk shows. They’re apparently having marital problems (even though they’re not married) and they’re going on talk shows and arguing in public. No one believes it and we’re pretty sure it’s just a ploy to get people to watch their awful show.


Hour 3

Hot Wings has, for a long time, had a theory that men are better drivers than women. There is now statistical proof that he is right! We took a bunch of calls from women and, surprisingly, most of them agreed with the stats. Young students are having lots of trouble with the basics of history. The majority of students surveyed did not know the connection between World War 2 and Hitler. Zane once again tough-talked intern Nate this morning about his weight. He is not living up to Mr. Ten’s high P90X standards, so Zane lashed out.


Hour 4

How evil is cheating/ We went over a list this morning that ranked how evil different forms of cheating are. We took a ton of calls on the topic and got two full segments out of it! In today’s FBHW Report, we played the audio of Sam Jackson narrating a children’s book and also talked about the revised rules for companies making sunscreen. You can see both of those in the Cool Links section.


Hour 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ugly mistress has finally spoken out. She revealed how everyone found out that her child was actually Arnold’s. We had great fun talking about how the kid probably has an Austrian accent. Another idiot has called 911 for a ridiculous reason. Some woman in Georgia called 911 because her drive thru order was incorrect. This reminded us of some other classic 911 calls from the past so we played them as well. During the break, Producer Joe was able to track down Mike Forbes from the infamous “do you want us to come over and shoot her” 911 call! He gave us some information on the call and also an update on what he’s doing these days. We closed the show by reading an email that we got from a dental hygienist that described a very awkward interaction she had with a patient recently. Be sure to listen tomorrow morning when we play Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,400 from our friends at Cat Footwear.