If they ever find a cure for this condition, this guy will be even more excited than he already is.

Dale Decker, 37, is a Wisconsin man who suffers from something called Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome. In laymen’s terms, that means he orgasms a lot. Like, A LOT. Like, how-many-times-you-blink-in-a-minute a lot.

Decker has about 100 orgasms a day and while you may think that’s the Golden Ticket to a career in the porn industry, it’s actually wreaking havoc on his life:

Imagine being on your knees at your father’s funeral beside his casket, saying goodbye to him -- and then you have nine orgasms right there. While your whole family is standing behind you.”

While we’re not sure if that actually happened (and we really hope it didn’t), we do know Decker’s battle with PGAS began when he suffered a slipped disc in his back and ejaculated five times en route to the hospital.

Decker, who’s married with two kids, ages 11 and 12, says, “It makes you never want to have another orgasm for as long as you live. There’s nothing pleasurable about it because even though it might feel physically good -- you’re completely disgusted by what’s going on.”

Decker now hesitates to leave his house (he had an episode at the supermarket, so go ahead with your “That’s not salad dressing that spilled in aisle four!” joke) and has even stopped sleeping in the same bed as his wife. He says he is “unable to finish” in the rare times he and his wife have sex and no doctor has been able to help him.

While it's easy to make jokes about this, we sincerely wish Decker the best in conquering this bizarre ailment.