The minimum wage in Michigan is going up at the end of March.

Currently, the minimum wage in Michigan is $9.25 per hour, for tipped workers, it is $3.52 per hour, and for workers, age 16 to 17 is it $7.86. All of these wages will be going up on March 29th. The minimum wage will get a 20 cent increase to $9.45 per hour. Tipped workers move up 7 cents to $3.59. Finally, young workers age 16 to 17 will start earning $8.03 per hour.

As of right now, the federal minimum wage is over two dollars less than Michigan at $7.25 per hour.

With any situation like this, there is always "controversy." The original petition that voters tried to get on the ballot was to raise the minimum wage in Michigan to $10 in 2019 and to $12 in 2022. A law was passed by legislation in September which kept the initiative off the ballot. Since then, the law has been amended to make the minimum wage $9.45 in 2019 and not reach $12 per hour until 2030.

Source: MLive