Your mornings are about to get filled with more money on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. The guys made some changes to the game and those changes are effective Monday. 

For those of you that are not super familiar with Dumber Than The Show Trivia, here is what is happening. For nearly 16 years, the guys have played this game on Thursday mornings. Each week, one lucky listener got to compete against one of the guys on the show for a minimum of $500 cash. For every week that the show member won, the pot increased by $500 until one listener defeated the show and took home the pot. Now things have changed a little bit.

Instead of the game being played only once per week, it will be played every weekday morning. Monday through Thursday, you have the opportunity to play against Hot Wings and on Friday, Joe will be in the hot seat. Check out the video below to see how it will all work and how the money will be given away.


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