You can't always count on people, but you can count on your pet(s) for unconditional love. Today is 'National Pet Day' - a day to recognize and give some extra love to the ones who love us the most, our pets.

Whether you have dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, a snake, a ferret or a bird, be sure to make them feel extra special today. I myself am a dog person. Unfortunately, I do not have a dog of my own. Due to my work schedule, I don't think it would be fair. However, I do have a special place in my heart for sweet Bonita (pictured above). She is little but trust me, she has plenty of sass. Bonita just makes everything better when she comes to visit.

Feel free to share a picture of your pet with us and tell us why he, she or they are so special. Cheers to pets!

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