Come hang with the Bad Golfers League tonight for some dollar beers!

Tonight is our final week of regulation play before we move into positions rounds. After the last couple of weeks, my team officially has no shot at winning anything this year. Not last place and definitely not first place. We can however place some side bets on who we think will win. I've got $20 riding on Pass the Pint so far so fellas, don't let me down.

This league wouldn't be possible without the support of the golfers on the league and the staff at Swartz Creek Golf Course. I say it every week, my league is better than yours...fight me. Feel free to come party with us tonight at Shot of the Day Bar & Grill at the course.

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  • The 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: Just Here 4 Skins
    • Second Place: Grand Blanc Lanes
    • Third Place: Par Johnson
  • The Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Assistant Greens Keepers
    • Second Place: Pass the Pint
    • Third Place: The Strokers
  • The Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Bogies & Stogies
    • Second Place: Hammers
    • Third Place: Ham Slice
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Bogeys @ Best
    • Second Place: Tiger Would
    • Third Place: Stuff the Hole

If you are looking for something to do tonight, swing by Swartz Creek Golf Course to check out the action. There is plenty of room outside to social distance while still enjoying some jello shots and/or dollar beers.

Also, big thanks to Wahlburgers for jumping on board with us as our latest prize sponsor for the league! We will see you all tonight!


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