Hour 1

Zane made a really great first impression on his new tenant in his house yesterday. The guy accidentally spilled some water on the carpet and Zane absolutely lost his mind. He hung up on the guy twice and was raging out on him for the rest of the day. We talked about how he should have his own reality show called “Eric Zane: American Landlord”. Free Beer went over a list of the characteristics that casting companies look for when casting reality shows. It turns out that Zane would be perfect!


Hour 2

We’re pretty bummed about today being our last day in Benton Harbor. We have gotten a bunch of calls and emails from people that are disappointed as well. Can’t win ‘em all! For our listeners in Michigan, we talked about the possibility of the motorcycle helmet law being repealed. We took some calls on the topic to see if listeners thought this was a good idea or not. We played another round of Name That Blank this morning with a 20 GB iPod up for grabs.


Hour 3

Free Beer’s wife has been in bird rescue mode the last few days. They found a baby morning dove in the yard and she ended up taking it to a bird sanctuary because she was convinced that the mother had abandoned it. We checked out the video this morning of the overzealous Diamonbacks fan that strong-armed a woman for a baseball that was thrown in to the stands by a player. He’s a douche. You can see that in the Video Reel. Intern Nate revealed on the air the other day that he and Intern TJ had done some basketball play-by-play back in high school. Of course, we made him bring in the tape and we listened to it this morning on the air.


Hour 4

We played the latest viral video from the group Gold Diggin Divas called Codependent. It’s basically three hot chicks singing about how hot they are. It’s awful. Rebecca Black’s Friday song has been pulled from YouTube over copyright issues. During this break, Joe pulled up a list of the most viewed viral videos of all time. Rebecca Black still has a long way to go! In today’s FBHW Report, we talked about Weiner being heckled while resigning and also played the audio of Dirk Nowitzki singing We Are the Champions. Since Father’s Day is this weekend, we decided to take calls from fathers so they could tell us why the will not win Father of the Year.


Hour 5

We talked last week about the newest craze on the internet, planking. Well apparently, there’s a new planking, and it’s called coning! It basically involves grabbing an ice cream cone by the wrong end. Check out the coning video in the Video Reel. It seems pretty stupid, but really funny. A woman is in trouble because she tried to hire a hitman by posting an ad on Facebook. Some idiot replied to the ad and said that he would do it. They’re both really stupid. We closed the show with a variety of audio that we hadn’t been able to get to during the show today, including a well educated woman on a train and Dirk Nowitzki singing. Talk to you on Monday morning!

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