Hour 1

Free Beer played us the trailer for Saints Row: The Third this morning. The developers of the game have completely abandoned any sense of realism and you can now do damn near anything you want in the game. You can see the trailer in the Video Reel. A black college football player was kicked off of a flight for having saggy pants. A white guy in his mid 50′s was allowed to fly while wearing what is essentially lingerie. Both of the passengers were on US Airways flights, so they’re now feeling the pressure


Hour 2

We talked early this morning about the NBA draft and how one of the top draft picks had a very awkward interview. He’s Lithuanian and, understandably, speaks broken English. That didn’t stop the reporter from throwing very complex questions at him and hanging him out to dry. During the CWTTAB segment, listener Jin called in to school us on the basics of wizardry. He claimed to be a “fifth year wizard”. There’s an update on the Southwest pilot that didn’t know that he kept his mic on and went on a rant. The flight attendant’s union is now considering filing charges because the pilot was allowed to keep his job. We went over a list of the 10 weirdest paths to super-stardom. During this segment, Free Beer had a bit of a meltdown moment and made up a bunch of “facts” that weren’t in the article.


Hour 3

We watched the video of the Texas mother that chased shoplifters out of a Walmart and stomped on the hood of their car. We all agreed that it was pretty irresponsible of her and we asked listeners to call in and tell us their opinion on the matter. Another athlete is chaning his name. This guy, who was notorious for a while for being a pain in the ass, will be changing his name to Metta World Peace in the next month. We closed the hour with a round of Name That Blank.


Hour 4

We watched the video of a guy who is referred to as an urban gold miner. He is shown in the video crawling around on his hands and knees in NYC picking tiny pieces of gold and diamonds out of the cracks in the sidewalks. Free Beer thought it was all a hoax and we took a bunch of calls on it, including one from some idiot who claimed that buying and selling gold was going to become illegal next month. In today’s FBHW Report, we played the audio of Bam Margera’s death prediction for Ryan Dunn and talked about the foiled terror plot in Seattle. We closed the hour by talking about the couple that was arrested for having sex on the beach in front of a crowded restaurant in Florida.


Hour 5

Joe and Steve are about two weeks away from traveling to Pamplona, Spain to run with the bulls. We talked to them this morning about how nervous they are about it and took some listener suggestions via email and phone. For the last few weeks, we’ve been asking for listener submissions of their DIY disasters. We picked the three winners this morning and read their submissions on the air. They’ll each be getting a $100 Lowes gift card for a “DIY Do-Over”. A listener emailed in for some world-renowned advice from Dr. Sex. Their seven month old baby was in the room watching them having sex and she wanted to know how to avoid that. The solution seemed pretty simple. We closed the show by talking about a story of a woman that supposedly woke up while in the coffin at her own funeral. It shocked her so much that she had a heart attack and died a second time. We don’t believe the story because it was from the same publication that brought us Botox Mom a few weeks ago. We’re on vacation next week. Talk to you on July 5th when we get back!