Hour 1

Zane started the morning telling us about how he realized this weekend that he is getting really old. He couldn’t handle hooking up his computer to the new-fangled internet and also had major issues with the plot points of the movie Inception. It’s good that he finally realized what we have known for years. We have a video posted in the Video Reel from inside of a top fuel dragster. The driver has a bit of an issue mid-track that seems like it would be terrifying! Be sure to check that one out.


Hour 2

We talked a bit this morning about Rory McIlroy’s record-setting round at the US Open over the weekend. It’s crazy to think that he’s only 22 and if he’s smart, he’ll never have to work again in his life! Free Beer was at his nephew’s state championship baseball game over the weekend and ended up sitting next to an “amateur umpire”. He commented on everything and heckled the umpires and opposing team throughout the entire game. We talked about a guy from Florida that had a pretty nasty foot infection and he attempted some type of strange home remedy. It ended with him catching himself on fire. While talking about stupid radio station promotional ideas from the past, Free Beer had one of the greatest word scrambles ever when he combined Lynyrd Skynyrd with a candy bar. Fantastic! Free Beer was at the local race track the other night and one of the guys he was there with was chewing. A guy sitting in the row in front of them did not appreciate his buddy chewing, so he turned around and made a scene. We took a bunch of calls to see who you thought was at fault.


Hour 3

We asked for people to call in if they had ever been cut out of a will, or knew anyone who had been cut out of a will. We took calls on it and the segment basically turned in to people calling in to tell us why their family hates them. Some dumb ditz has solved the world’s global warming issue. Her big plan? Just put huge air conditioners outside everywhere and cool the planet down! Free Beer had an invention idea over the weekend that he shared with his wife, but she thought it was crap. He shared it with us on the show this morning and we gave our input. We closed the hour with a round of one of our favorite games, Hot Wings vs. Zane vs. Joe vs. Steve. The topic for today’s game was songs that have the word “heart” in the title.


Hour 4

We played the audio of Obama impersonator Reggie Brown getting the hook when he performed at a GOP event recently. We got him on the air to talk about the event and the career he stumbled in to. If you missed it, you can check that out on the Interviews page. Free Beer told us a story he heard at a family gathering over the weekend about his niece’s confusion with a riding lawnmower. She was attempting to cut the grass, but just drove around for an hour without the blade engaged. Based on this, we asked for listeners to call in with their brain fart moments.


Hour 5

We played some audio from the Ms. USA pageant that took place over the weekend. It was funny to hear the massive grammatical error that one of the contestants made, despite saying she wanted to be a teacher and educate the youth. This, of course, reminded us of the epic Ms. Teen South Carolina ramblings from a few years ago, so we played that as well. Could the city you live in disappear? We read an article this morning that listed the top ten US cities that are in danger of disappearing if certain disasters happen. You can see that in the Cool Links section. We closed the show by getting to a few stories we didn’t get to during the show including a booty call interrupted by ninjas and a man who escaped from prison and the coincidence that happened to him. Talk to you tomorrow!